Award-Winning Female Voice Over Talent

Smart. Powerful. Quietly confident. Voice Over narration from an award-winning female voice talent.

When credibility and authenticity are key, using a voiceover talent or narrator who can bring that to your project is critical – and that’s what I’ve been doing for decades. Whether it’s commercial, documentary, corporate identity or brand film, promo, medical, scientific, training or events – to name just a few – I relay your message in the manner that works best – be that as the expert, the peer, the friend, the teacher, the consumer, a character, and even the product itself.

Most importantly, what I do is tell the story. The story of your brand, your show, your product, your company, your mission – because everything has a story … and it’s the story that matters.

Heavy industry is one of my fortes. If you’re looking for an authoritative, assured female voice talent to balance out the testosterone in your video feed while still providing the power, that would be me.

Producing a history or science documentary – or maybe a series with some snark? Yep, that’s me. Don’t limit yourself to male narrator without hearing what a female voice talent can do with your show.

Are you a pharmaceutical company looking for a narrator who can say “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”? Indubitably-unquestionably-and-most-assuredly – me.

Is your production multicultural? No worries. Since I’m bilingual and also work in Spanish, your bilingual/multicultural scripts are safe with me, no matter what the subject matter is.

Commercials? No one wants to be “sold” to. But everyone wants to hear what makes a product great from someone who’s engaged. That’s what I do.

I’ve received numerous MCA-I Golden Reel Awards for my voiceover work – including that for One World Trade Center – and was thrilled when Daimler’s 2015 and 2016 corporate movies, in which I had roles, took home Cannes Golden and Silver Dolphins respectively.

I have a background in TV & film production and post-production, so I understand the process from pre to post. That led to work as a voiceover talent on project after project – and then voiceover led me into another phase – news anchoring, news talk, and flying in a tiny plane through a big sky twice a day reporting on things happening 500 feet below. Things I could easily see because half the time the door wouldn’t close – but who needs a door? Oh, and I was part of a morning zoo for a bit – which I will never admit to. All that existed side by side with my work as a voice talent until I decided to focus on voiceover alone. Knowing all of the hard work that goes into every stage of every single production, no matter how small, I find there’s nothing more satisfying than being a part of a project where the script, the visuals, the sound design, editing and narration all mesh perfectly, with each part supporting every other part to create something that truly is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Have a listen and take a look at some of my work – and wander around if you’d like. There’s lots more to see.

Bilingual Female Voice Over Talent