:30’s :60’s  :12’s? 82’s? These days with commercials on broadcast, cable, youtube, facebook, apps and everywhere else there are lots of places to advertise and a lot of ways to advertise – and on the web we’re not locked into set commercial times.  But with so many different ways, it can also make it hard to figure out where the eyeballs are, how many there are and for how long they’re looking.  If you’re a producer working with union voice talent or talent working under a union contract the business end of the business is figured out for you – but if you’re putting together a budget, those are things that need to be taken into account when budgeting.  And web these days isn’t just “web”.  It used to be you could say a commercial was for the web and that encompassed anything online.  Now you’ve got to ask, is it for the company website only? The company Youtube channel?  Youtube pre-roll?  Facebook ads?

Commercial voiceover is going through constant change, as are advertising agencies, production houses, talent agents,  casting directors – and pretty much everyone involved in the business.  

When it comes to broadcast TV commercials, that usually means exclusivity and that means conflicts, which I’m happy to provide upon request. In the meantime here are a few examples of older commercials and PSA’s – TV and radio – that I’ve been hired for as a female voice talent, and take a listen to my commercial demo, on the right.