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When most people think about corporate video, typically what comes to mind are sales and marketing videos, training videos or video for board meetings.  And corporate videos are all that and a lot more.  But when you’re looking to express who you are, a corporate identity video – or brand film – is what you want.  Your identity as a corporation is how you see yourself, and how you present yourself to your customers, investors and the public.  It says “This is who we are, this is what we do”.  

Most companies these days have corporate identity videos and I’m often the female voice talent narrating these videos.  I tell the story of a corporation’s brand and it’s mission. Its core values and its vision. Today, consumers and businesses aren’t just interested in products and employees aren’t just interested in “a job”. They want to know the culture of the company behind what they buy, with whom they do business or for whom they work. That’s where brand identity and brand credibility come in and the right voice is needed to convey that. It has to belong.

I’ve worked with organizations from small companies to large multinationals to non-profits and NGO’s – and many of the industries with which I’ve worked are those that, in the past, traditionally used male talent. I was chosen to narrate the video for New York City’s “One World Trade Center” tower, for which my voiceover won an MCA-I Golden Reel Award.  For “Tory’s Calgary”, a legal firm in the oil and gas industry, I won another Golden Reel. On that job the client had originally insisted on a male voice talent, but was convinced by the producer to at least listen to a female – and I got the job. International energy company BKW Group gave me the chance to be the voice of the wind in their brand film on wind energy. I’ve been on Daimler AG’s  annual corporate movie for a number of years including 2016’s, which won a Cannes Silver Dolphin award.  (The 2015 video, in which I also had a part, took home a Cannes Golden Dolphin). For Priva, my voiceover focused on sustainable solutions for horticulture and building automation, which is Priva’s brand. Bekaert and Maccaferri used my voice for the video launching their “Underground Solutions” tunnel construction partnership.   Adveon Tools, Skylife Systems, Hanley Wood, Southern California Edison, Continental Automotive in France, NanoSteel, Rituals Cosmetics, Skanska (in Spanish) and many other companies hire me when they’re looking for a female voice over talent who can bring the credibility and confidence of their brand to their videos.  

Corporate brand films aren’t the only way companies tell their stories. Many – both for-profit and non-profit organizations – produce short documentaries to do so.  Through mini documentaries,  I’ve told stories of company’s founders, of how they do what they do, and I’ve taken viewers along to witness the progress of company projects – or anything else they want the world to know.  You can find some of them on my Documentary Narration page.

One World Trade Center - Voiceover at :40 - Winner of an MCA-I Golden Reel for Voiceover

Torys Calgary - Game On. Winner of an MCA-I Golden Reel for Voiceover

Wind...Energy...Power | BKW Windenergie - BKW Group

Daimler Corporate Video “We”

Priva - Creating a Climate for Growth

Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions