Documentaries, mini-documentaries, documentary shorts

I love documentaries.  Whether they’re full-length documentaries or mini-documentaries / documentary shorts, I love telling the story, being involved in the story.  It satisfies me in a way anchoring news long ago never did.  And with documentaries produced for television, for corporations, for non-profits and others, there are a lot of stories to tell. Whether I’m telling the story of the founders of a corporation, focusing on a small village’s needs, or taking one on a trip through a wildlife refuge in Alaska, documentaries have always held a fascination for me and they’re one of my favorite voiceover genres.  I’ve been fortunate to have been chosen as the voice talent to narrate many types.  

I’ve narrated for The Intel Foundation, TripleNine Group, USAID, G.A.I.N (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) The Rainwater Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife and many others.

The Triple Nine Group Movie

Waterkeepers Baja Californias

Welthungerhilfe - Ethiopia Maternity

Rainwater Harvesting Champions