Explainer Videos

      Explainer Video Demo

Explainer videos have exploded in the last few years. Everyone has one – or more –  from large corporations to small companies, from B2B to B2C to non-profits. Graphics and whiteboard drawings have become a quick and entertaining way to explain how your product or service can help solve a problem. While they all serve the same purpose they can have different tones, ranging from very casual to highly technical, empathetic to enthusiastic to matter of fact.  

The City of New York put out explainer videos after Hurricane Sandy – which I narrated in both English and Spanish –  walking people through the process of filing claims for homes and possessions destroyed in the storm.  I’ve done the voiceovers, again in English and Spanish, explaining how to use a health insurance plan easy as 1-2-3 – and I’ve walked people through Stat Doctors and Doctor on Demand.  On the B2B side my voiceover explains how the solution to pallet stacking problems is the Stack Assist Tool from logistic solutions supplier RSW and I was the voice talent for the Mindmarker training reinforcement program along with many others.

While most people equate explainers with products or instructions, they serve other purposes as well. Non-profits like The Hunger Project and grant seekers such as 100&Change also create explainer videos and have used my voice as well.   

Health Fund 1-2-3

100&Change Grant Application

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