Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical

Healthcare and Medical is an industry that crosses the board from consumer to professional, from patient to physician to research and many other areas – and medical marketing in particular is on the rise, leading to an increased need for both female voiceover talent and male voiceover talent. Media of all types, in particular digital media, is not only finding a home in doctor’s offices and hospitals but also in research labs, universities and board rooms.

Because of this there is no one medical voiceover type. As always you have to ask, who’s your audience?  Are you a pharmaceutical company reaching out to uninsured or underinsured patients to make sure they can afford their medication – or are you sharing your research with medical professionals?  Are you a doctor looking to engage patients with useful information as they wait for their appointment – or are you reminding them of that appointment via a phone call?  You could be a medical marketer advertising to the public via commercials, a device manufacturer pitching a line of equipment to a hospital chain or an instructional design team creating eLearning for caregivers, lab technicians or research facility safety programs (many of which use female voiceover talent). And maybe you’re instructing patients on how to test their blood sugar or doctors on the proper use of that new piece of testing equipment they just purchased – or simply reassuring patients and family members that they’re in the best of hands.

A voiceover talent versed in medical narration, healthcare marketing and advertising and pharmaceutical sciences not only brings the storytelling skills necessary for all voiceover work but also the skills to talk to your audience in THEIR language. It also helps when they can talk about long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency as if they do it every day – because that’s what you do. As a female voiceover talent my work spans almost all types of medical media, from the reassuring hospital read to the confident analysis of dense research.  Check back for video of some work here soon. Meanwhile take a look at some of my medical narration work on my medical narration page.