You know who you are. Industrial manufacturing, construction, aerospace, oil and gas, utilities, renewable energy, transportation – you’re heavyweights, and heavy industry can often be pretty…heavy.  So a heavy, ponderous narration can sometimes be too much.  In recent years many of those in the heavy industry sector have shifted away from using only ultra deep male voiceovers and have included female voice talent to get their message across as well.  But it has to be the right female voice. One with weight and depth without being ponderous.  Someone who can be quietly confident.

Harris Corporation’s aviation communications, Terma’s naval decoy systems, Northrop Grumman, The Department of Homeland Security and Skylife System’s Disaster and Humanitarian Aid Delivery Systems are just a few of the jobs for which I’ve been hired as a voice talent in the aerospace, defense and security industries.  In the construction and industrial manufacturing industries I’ve worked with Nanosteel, with construction group Skanska (in Spanish) and with Bekaert and Maccaferri on their tunnel construction partnership, to name just a few.  In transportation, I’ve been the voice talent for global engineering company ABB’s railway solutions, am a regular on Daimler Auto Group’s annual corporate videos and recently voiced a walk through for electric boat drive pioneer Torqeedo on their hybrid drive and power management system.  When International energy company BKW was looking for someone to portray their vision of the wind, they found me for the English version of their video on wind power (the German version also featured a female voice) and I’ve been chosen as the female voice talent for videos and presentations for  Aramco, Southern California Electric, Flanders Electric (in Spanish) Electro-mechanical corporation (in Spanish) and others in the energy, oil & gas and utilities sector and supporting industries.

Wind...Energy...Power - BKW Windenergie

SkyLIFE Technology Disaster Humanitarian Aid Delivery System

Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid Energy Management 2 0

Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions

Daimler Corporate Movie