Horror Demo

People sometimes ask me “why do you have a horror demo”? It certainly isn’t one of the typical demo categories (as much as the “typical” categories have expanded as things become more and more segmented.) The short answer to the question is – why not?

Horror certainly is an industry – a large industry –  and narrating and performing characters for haunted houses, promotions for haunts, creepy stories – they’re all part of the acting that makes this so much fun! Sometimes the fun – and horror, and all things creepy  – comes by way of narrating a Clive Barker story (“Babel’s Children”) from his “Books of Blood” series,  or an eerie story from any number of less well known authors such as “Pins and Needles” or “Why You Can’t Talk to the Dead”.  Then there are the odd character roles in classics like “The Monkey’s Paw” or playing the evil in the room in “Hi There Sweetie”  – check out that story below.

Or maybe you’ve written a horror book?  Then you may need a book trailer to promote it.  For all of that, you’ve come to the right place.

Check back soon for more audio and video samples

“Hi There Sweetie” is a short story from the Simply Scary Podcast by Chilling Tales from Dark Nights.  As Simply Scary describes it: To awaken to something lingering at the foot of your bed is bad enough, but when that shadowy thing will not go away, a word of advice: don’t close your eyes.  I play “not mom”, it, the thing – the monster.

      Hi There Sweetie