Medical Narration

      Medical Narration Demo

Voiceover for the medical industry is used in many different ways and as voice actors we have to adapt. As a health care institution your commercials may require a read that is caring and knowledgeable, reassuring patients and family members that they’re in good hands.  If you’re marketing medical products B2B you need a voice talent who can be the expert demonstrating the products in the unique language manufacturers and buyers share – whether it’s in an intimate one on one situation or in front of a group. You may need a different type of narrator for an instructional video or explainer video directed at consumers. Very often your voice talent must talk about very complex subjects using tongue-twisting terminology as if they discuss this very subject every single day – before coffee.  Whatever the product, style or purpose, the narration has to fit the attitude and style and your voice actor has to be up to it.

I’ve done many different types of voiceover for many different types of medical clients, including health care institutions, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers, medical marketing firms, medical devices firms, eLearning companies, medical research organizations, universities and others.  The work has ranged from commercial, to instructional (for both consumers and professionals) to marketing and more. I’ve provided narration for Memorial Sloan Kettering and Mount Sinai Health System in both English and Spanish as well as many local hospitals and medical centers. I’ve walked people through the workings of Philips Healthcare’s Visibility Solutions. Janssen Diagnostics, Express Scripts, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Pentax Medical, Doctor on Demand, The Utrecht Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences are some others who’ve used my voiceover services.  I’ve done eLearning modules for long term care facilities – including for Silverchair in Spanish, and I’ve narrated patient and professional versions of PI’s – those dense package inserts of prescribing information where a voice talent has to be able to talk convincingly about clinical trials, chemical composition, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, contraindications and other aspects of a drug without missing a beat.

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