Non-Broadcast Narration, Corporate Narration, Corporate Video and Audio

Corporate Narration isn’t just one broad category and one size definitely does not fit all. Corporate identity or brand identity videos are vastly different from explainer videos and they require different types of reads and attitudes.  But there are many types of corporate narration and since video and audio are used for just about any purpose within an organization a narrator has to be able to fit in with the specific purpose for which it was made. Whether your project is a marketing video, instructional video, educational video, eLearning course, event video or any of the many other types of corporate video (or audio alone) I can help.

IBM uses my services as one of their female voiceover talents to describe some of their technology products and services, such as the benefits of using Watson for medical research and analytics for retail.  Philips uses my voiceover services to narrate videos about many of their solutions for the medical industry. For global life and materials sciences company DSM I serve as narrator for many of their in-house videos. I’ve narrated in-house presentations for corporations in widely varying industries such as luxury appliance manufacturer Subzero/Wolf, food and candy manufacturer Mars Corporation, oil and natural gas company Aramco and research institute Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences.  I’ve announced for large conventions such as the Global Leadership Summit and walked business through  processes in animated explainer videos. And it’s not just video.  Interactive voice response is big, from phone prompts for companies large and small to other applications entirely.  Somewhere in Europe, if you’re in an elevator made by Schindler, you just may hear my voice.

As each industry has its own language and culture and each company has its own brand and style, a voice actor also has to know how to seamlessly fit in with that language, culture and company brand. Industry sectors for which I’ve provided my voiceover include Science and Technology, Sales and Marketing, Museums and Cultural Institutions, Education and Schools, Medical and Healthcare, Travel, Leisure and Hospitality, Heavy Industry such as Manufacturing and Construction, Energy and Utilities and Aerospace, Defense and Security, Finance and Legal, Food and Agriculture, Beauty and Fashion, Transportation, Real Estate, Governments, municipalities, NGO’s and non-profits and others.

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