Sizzle Reels and Fundraising Trailers

You only have a few minutes and first impressions count.  Especially when pitching. Whether you’re pitching a TV show, looking to fund your documentary or pitching your company, it’s a fact of life:  the sweeter the sizzle, the better your chances of getting the reaction you want from the person you’re pitching to.

Your idea may have a cool hook, your visuals may be catchy, you characters may be awesome…but if you don’t have the right VOICE narrating your story – let’s face it.  You’re sunk before you’ve even begun to …well, sizzle.

That’s why you need a voice over talent to narrate your reel who knows how to tie together all your elements while not getting in the way.  A narrator who can present your story in the way you need. I’ve narrated pitches, presentations and fundraising trailers (many of those are much longer than a couple of minutes) for TV shows, documentaries, corporate videos and events including the trailer for Pauli Murray: The Price of Survival, sizzles for FLOTUS: Playing the Woman Card in the White House, Make Womb for Baby, Mickey Did it and others.

Check back soon for samples.