3 Myths About the Union

I just came back from the VO Atlanta conference, where I was presenting. It was a great weekend – and I had a fantastic time. I had a breakout session, a much longer (3 hour) session and I moderated a panel.  On what?  On the union, Sag-Aftra, as it relates to voiceover work.  There’s so much confusion about what one can and can’t do as a member of the union and it can get pretty complex. The main thing I wanted to get across was that just because one is a member of the union, it doesn’t necessarily mean that ALL non-union work is out of bounds. Some non-union work can be converted to union work.  Other work hasn’t been organized so the work can…

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February 26, 1993

24 years ago today, Feb 26, 1993, was the day of the first terrorist attack against the World Trade Center, when a bomb exploded in the underground garage.  I was working at Metro Traffic at the time – on the 21st floor of Tower 2. It was supposed to be a normal day – I’d been working as a fill in traffic reporter for less than a year and I’d also picked up some producing shifts.  That day I had to be in at noon to cover the midday, but I was running late. Not a bad thing as it turned out. By the time I got to the studio, shortly after 12 noon, our intern, Dan Rice, who’d been there since early morning working…

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Worlds Collide

The world has seen amazing changes in a relatively short time. I’m not 20 anymore – actually I don’t think I was even when I was. But my point is I remember the pre-internet world. I remember pre-cell phones, pre-pagers. I remember days where all the things that seem so simply achieved today had once been almost impossible. Tonight I was reminded of that when two friends from different parts of the country met each other for the first time in LA – purely by chance. And I learned of it shortly after they met. 20 or 30 years ago that wouldn’t have been possible. Joseph Scott Anthony and I met in Michigan about 5 years ago when we both were working on the movie…

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Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website.  Anyone who knows me knows I have opinions.  Lots of opinions.  None are set in stone – but still I consider them pretty well thought out.  If you check back here in a bit you may find I have something to say, about voice acting, about the voice over industry or just about life in general. Meanwhile, feel free to wander around and check out some of my work.   melissa eXelberth american female voice over talent